• Bangers and bacon are two of Britain & Ireland’s most genuine and favorite foods, with celebrity fans including Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, Prince Charles, Queen Victoria, and Roger Moore ( of “James Bond” fame). If only Queen Vic was alive today, she’s surely love some Jolly Posh.


  • British & Irish bacon is traditionally called “back-bacon” because it is made with pork loin. Our back bacon is an amazing 90% leaner than American bacon, which is typically from pork belly, and a whopping 55% less salty.


  • Our bangers have a much smoother texture and are a massive 45% less salty than their American counterparts. Our pork is finely ground and mixed with a small amount of breadcrumbs for a soft, smooth texture and taste.


  • There are over 400 different types of bangers sold in Britain & Ireland. At Jolly Posh we make the popular classic bangers from home, and stuff them in natural casings until they are thick, juicy and generously sized (at least an inch in diameter and 4 to 5 inches long).


  • Bangers are traditionally eaten at any time of day by the British & Irish. The average Brit eats over 10 pounds of banger sausages per year.


What On Earth Are “Bangers”?

Funny you should ask! The nickname “Bangers” originated in Britain during World War II, when rationing was common and meat was scarce. So much water was added that the sausages would literally explode during cooking.

But don’t worry, our premium bangers are made to exceptional standards, and the only thing likely to “BANG” is your taste-buds.

What The Heck Is a “Rasher”?

Another fine question. Simply put, an individual slice of bacon is a “rasher”. So in the case of our back-bacon, we slice our pork loin to yield approximately 12-14 rashers of bacon per pound.

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