Our back-bacon is hand-trimmed, hand-rubbed and dry-cured to my authentic British recipe. We dry-cure in salt and sugar to using pork loin, to create a lean and truly unique flavour. Our speciality bacon is called “back-bacon” because it is made with pork loin, and is much leaner than American bacon which is made from pork belly.

Each 8oz pack contains approximately 6-8 slices (“rashers”) of yummy back-bacon. We love our back-bacon as part of a traditional breakfast, it makes an amazing B.L.T., and works brilliantly as an ingredient in quiche, spaghetti carbonara and soups. For other great ideas, see our Recipes.

Our back-bacon is easy to cook, and sizzles for 3-4 minutes on each size in the pan… until lean, meaty and tender.


  • Hand-trimmed and dry-cured to our artisanal recipe
  • Made with prime pork loin raised without hormones
  • 90% less fat and 55% less salt than regular American bacon
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of MSG

This is a cured product.